All-dispersive mirror compressor unit (ADMC)

Our novel pulse compressor unit for chirped-pulse laser amplifiers overcomes many of the problems associated with conventional compressor technology (prism- or grating-based). It makes use of UltraFast Innovations’ proprietary optics technology. Based on the fact that dispersive mirrors are capable of providing tailored dispersion over unprecedented bandwidths without spatial separation of spectral components, it offers the following distinct benefits:

  • Output pulses at the Fourier limit. The mirrors in the ADMC are designed according to your target curve. Thus they allow for the compensation of higher-order dispersion coefficients, and no additional higher-order dispersion mirrors are needed to obtain bandwidth-limited compressed pulses. Flexibility in design allows for unprecedented bandwidths. Positive and negative chirp can be compensated with our ADMC, thus making it possible to operate both in the visible/near-infrared and the mid-infrared spectral range, where the dispersion of most materials changes its sign.
  • Output pulses free from angular chirp and pulse front tilt. As no bulk material is passed by the optical beam, neither wavefront distortion nor nonlinear effects can occur.
  • Higher output power by increased throughput. The ADMC reaches more than 90% overall throughput compared with typical values of grating compressors of < 75%.
  • Robustness and user-friendliness. The significantly shorter optical beam path brings about smaller beam pointing fluctuations and smaller alignment efforts by the laser operator.
  • Compact set-up size. The ADMC can be built on a footprint about ten times smaller than a standard prism compressor.

The FROG traces shown here are from a 1 kHz-CPA-system with ADMC (left) and prism compressor (right). The ADMC enabled the generation of bandwidth-limited 19 fs pulses with Gaussian beam profile.