Optics Design Software

Simulation and design of the layer structure of our optics is a crucial step in the successful manufacturing of high-performance optics. UltraFast Innovations has been working with OptiLayer thin film design software for many years. In close collaboration with OptiLayer, several research publications originated which also found their way into software features.

This collaboration has now been taken to the next level, with closer integration on the technology side. The feedback loop from optics characterization back to the optics is now more direct.

Furthermore, a common marketing and sales strategy has been devised. In a first step, OptiLayer is available through UltraFast Innovations, making our extensive experience with the software available to customers.

Software functionalities

  • Most powerful software available
  • Broad range of optimization algorithms
  • Function for elimination of thin layers and reduction of number of layers
  • Evaluation of sensitivity to manufacturing tolerances

Please contact us for further information and references.