XUV / IR – Pulse Delay Unit

Our pulse delay unit makes use of our XUV multilayer mirrors and combines them with our profound knowledge in pump-probe experimental setups. The two-segment mirror can focus two XUV/IR pulses onto a common point with a precisely adjustable interferometric time delay.

Streaking experiments performed with our XUV/IR pulse delay unit are shown above. They demonstrate with high temporal resolution the 3.3 fs infrared and 80 as XUV pulse duration (top), resp. 4.3 fs IR and 250 as XUV (bottom).


  • Temporal resolution 3 attoseconds
  • Scan range 300 femtoseconds
  • Adjustment with 5 degrees of freedom
  • Customized energy range and bandwidth


  • Vacuum: < 10-6 mbar
  • travel range actuator: 100μm (software limits the range from 0-95μm)
  • resolution actuator: 2nm
  • travel range: 25mm
  • step size: < 30nm