XUV / VUV Spectrograph

Our extreme ultraviolet grazing-incidence flatfield spectrometer features a unique modular design that allows to cover a full spectral range of 5-80 nm with a single grating.

XUV / VUV Spectrograph

Our spectrograph for the extreme and vacuum ultraviolet uses aberration-corrected flat-field imaging in combination with a CCD or MCP detector to record full spectra without the need for wavelength scanning. Its grazing incidence geometry maximizes efficiency in this delicate spectral region. In conventional spectrograph designs the entrance slit is a bottleneck limiting light flux and flexibility. Our spectrograph goes one step further and can be used also without any entrance slit, directly imaging the XUV or VUV light source for a variety of source distances. Its modular design is able to match different experimental geometries and configurations. It features an integrated slit holder, gate valve and filter insertion unit, as well as motorized grating positioning along 3 axes. The XUV spectrograph covers a spectral range of up to 1-80 nm (1240-15.5 eV). The VUV spectrograph provides a complementary coverage of 70-200 nm (17.7-6.2 eV).


  • Flat-field grazing incidence spectrograph
  • Operation with or without entrance slit
  • Customizable to user requirements
  • Wavelength coverage with single gratings:
    XUV: 1-17 nm (1240-73 eV) and 5-80 nm (248-15.5 eV)
    VUV: 70-200 nm (17.7-6.2 eV)
  • Integrated gate valve and filter insertion unit
  • Flexible choice of detectors: X-ray CCD camera or MCP/camera system
  • Operating pressure <10-6 mbar; oil-free pump system for stand-alone vacuum operation available


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