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We present the first commercial Light Field Synthesizer enabling synthesis and
sub-femtosecond control of super-octave light transients.
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OSA Laser Congress and Exhibition

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OSA Laser Congress and Exhibition
Ultrafast Optics XII
7th International Conference on Attosecond Science and Technology

Bol, Croatia
October 6-11, 2019

New vacant position
Coating and Design Engineer for ultrafast laser optics

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CR&D Engineer in ultrafast laser science

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New product

Tundra+ Ultrahigh Dynamic Range Autocorrelator

Our new Tundra+ measures laser pulse contrast with the highest commercially available dynamic range. [...]

New measuring device

Cavity-Ringdown (CRD) Loss Meter and Reflectometer

Our reflectometer uses the extreme sensitivity of cavity ring-down detection to measure mirror reflectivities up to 99.9995 % (5 ppm losses). [...]

New measuring device

White Light Interferometer

Combining the reliability of spectrally resolved detection with an ultrabroad spectral coverage of up to 250-2400 nm makes our White Light Interferometer GOBI the ideal instrument for ultrafast optics characterization and quality control. [...]

New mirror

HDM at 2000-2200 nm with -1000 fs2

Following the recent trend developing near IR high power lasers there is an increased demand on high dispersive, low loss oscillator optics. The presented HD1501 mirrors close this gap and suit ideally Tm and Ho oscillators with unprecedented specification [...]

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Ultrafast Innovations Product Catalog

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