Customized vacuum beamline setups

The design of customer-oriented of systems for scientific experiments in the field of attosecond physics, is a dedicated area of expertise of UltraFast Innovations. We offer thorough consultation in the design phase and reliable and expedient construction according to customer requirements. Apart from our standard product portfolio, we offer as well:

  • Tunable light source based on our own dichroic mirrors featuring the white light source hollow-core-fiber from our SAVANNA.
  • Nanotarget reaction-microscopy based on recoil-ion-momentum spectroscopy (nanoTRIMS).
  • Attosecond laboratory beamline.

Stay tuned to the publications in scientific journals from the attosecond and laser development group in Garching (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) and please contact us with your requirements - our knowledge is at your disposal.

Here an impression of our HHG beamline customized for the Ultrafast Coherent Dynamics Group (University Oldenburg) and installed in their laboratory.

High Harmonic Generation beamline

Courtesy of Ultrafast Coherent Dynamics Group, University Oldenburg

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