White light generation and pulse compression


Hollow-Core Fiber Compressor


Our standard hollow-core fiber (HCF) compressor SAVANNA shortens the duration of the input laser pulses. Based on compression after spectral broadening, the spectral bandwidth is first broadened through nonlinear interaction of high-energy femtosecond pulses with a noble gas inside a hollow-core fiber. The resulting supercontinuum pulses are then compressed using ultra-broadband chirped mirrors, resulting in pulses 5-6 times shorter than the original input.

SAVANNA combines high transmission and unique ultra-broadband compression.

For those interested in high-power laser compression, a stretched-flexible hollow-core fiber, or higher compression factors, we recommend you having a look at SAVANNA-HP.

Key Product Features

  • Input Pulse Duration: up to 60 fs (as short as possible)
  • Input pulse energy: 0.5 - 2 mJ (optimum: 1 - 1.5 mJ)
  • Repetition rate: 1 - 10 kHz
  • Typical compression factor: 5 - 6 x
  • Fiber transmission: up to 70%
  • White light spectral bandwidth:
    • 270 - 1000 nm (achievable with optimal input)
    • 400 - 900 nm (with commercial 25 fs laser)
  • Broadband source for spectroscopy applications
  • Footprint: 300 x 60 cm2


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