Enhancement cavities for continuous-wave/pulsed laser light

Tailored to your setup, the enhancement cavity CALDERA can be built for continuous-wave as well as for multi-kW-level average power pulsed operation, serving applications such as the generation of coherent vacuum-/extreme-ultraviolet (XUV) radiation at repetition rates of several 10s of MHz.

Working principle:

Femtosecond enhancement cavity: a MHz-repetition-rate pulse train is coherently coupled to a passive optical resonator via a partially transmitting input coupler, giving rise to a circulating pulse with a power increased by up to a few orders of magnitude. The intracavity pulse can be focused to a gas target to generate coherent vacuum-/extreme-ultraviolet (XUV) radiation at repetition rates of several 10’s of MHz. Coherent XUV radiation obtained by cavity-enhanced high-harmonic generation combines high pulse repetition rates with high photon energies, and serves a host of time-domain and frequency-domain precision metrology applications [1].

Working principle of an enhancement cavity: the pulses of a MHz-repetition-rate train are coherently added up in time to a significantly more intense pulse circulating in the cavity. The cavity consists of an input coupler (R < 100%) and several highly reflecting (HR) mirrors (R=100%).

Key Product Features:

  • State-of-the-art broadband cavity optics
  • Ready for average powers on the 100-kW level
  • Advanced designs tailored to specific applications
  • Stable operation at repetition rates ≥10 MHz

We offer state-of-the art customized solutions for:

  • Vacuum- and extreme-ultraviolet frequency combs [1]
  • Multi-MHz-repetition-rate photoemission spectroscopy [2]
  • MW-level picosecond pulses for hard x-ray generation via inverse Compton scattering [3]
  • and more...