Coherent ultrabroadband XUV light source

High-Harmonic-Generation (HHG)

Our High-Harmonic-Generation (HHG) Chamber Vacuum Setup offers all necessary KF vacuum components (incl. pump) and a fully motorized gas jet target for XUV/Soft X-ray (isolated attosecond pulse) generation through HHG if a (short) femtosecond laser is focused into the gas target. A flexible access allows quick and easy exchange of the gas jet target. The breadboard inside the chamber is isolated from environment vibrations to improve temporal and pointing stability for your experiment. A feed-through for noble gas inlet is included to supply e.g. argon, neon or helium for HHG in the spectral photon range of interest. With e.g. few-cycle (4-5 fs) 800 nm pulses high-harmonics can be generated up to 150 eV (8.3 nm) in neon. The final generated high-harmonic spectrum depends on the focused laser pulse parameters and the used noble gas based on phase-matching conditions.

Key Product Features:

  • High-quality vacuum chamber in KF technology
  • Up to 360 µW high-harmonic Power (Ar-harmonics around 65 eV)
  • Oil-free turbo-molecular pumping system
  • Operating pressure <10-3 mbar typically; base pressure <10-7 mbar
  • Vacuum feed-throughs (for noble gas and electrical connections)
  • Breadboard setup isolated from environment vibrations for improved temporal and pointing stability
  • ISO and KF access ports and view ports
  • Thin entrance window for a small chirp
  • Gas jet setup for HHG (e.g. attosecond pulse generation). Quick and easy exchange of the gas target. Replacement gas jet targets can be requested
  • Gas jet mounted on motorized XYZ translation stage
  • Gas flow control by locking valve
  • Footprint: 45 x 45 cm2

Accessory (Differential Pumping Stage):

  • Two-stage differential pumping stage
  • Vacuum chambers in CF technology
  • Turbo pumps and pre-pump included
  • Cold-cathode pressure gauges
  • Vacuum exit valves and view ports possible
  • Motorized beam iris for alignment and intensity control
  • Footprint: 60 x 60 cm2