High power stretched flexible hollow core fiber pulse compressor

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High power stretched flexible hollow core fiber pulse compressor

The SAVANNA-HP is the result of a collaboration between UltraFast Innovations and the Institute for Nanophotonics in Göttingen IFNANO. The stretched flexible hollow core fiber (SF-HCF) compressor spectrally broadens high-energy femtosecond input pulses by nonlinear interaction with a noble gas of adjustable gas pressure inside a hollow fiber and subsequently compresses the pulse using chirped mirror technology from UltraFast Innovations. The state of the art SF-HCF technique from IFNANO allows nearly ideal wave guiding reducing the losses to a minimum and allows accumulation of self-phase modulation over an interaction length of up to 8 m. The incoupling is protected by a high power shield allowing extreme input parameters of few tens of mJ pulses and an average power of up to 20 W (with active cooling up to several hundred Watts). Combining the SF-HCFs from IFNANO and our chirped mirror compression, we provide an unmatched compression unit for today's state of the art lasers.

Key Product Features:

  • Input pulse duration: up to hundreds of fs (as short as possible)
  • Input pulse energy: up to few tens of mJ
  • Typical compression factor: 5-30 x
  • Fiber transmission: close to the theoretical limit
  • Fiber length: up to 8 m
  • Supported input peak power: Up to 400 GW at 10 W average power
  • Supported input average power: Up to several hundred Watts at 125 GW peak power
  • Active cooling for average powers > 20 W
  • Footprint: 300-1000 cm x 60 cm

Temporal and spectral pulse characteristics:


Left: Retrieved temporal profile and ideal Fourier transform limited shape (FTL).
Right: Fiber output spectrum supporting 2.9 fs pulses. Input: 24 fs & 10 mJ into 2.5 m fiber, reprinted/adapted from [1].


Left: Left: Spectrum (red) after broadening in a 6 m SF-HCF fiber and phase (blue) after compression.
Right: Right: Retrieved compressed pulse (red) and Fourier transform limited shape (black). Inset: output beam profile. Results achieved by coupling 300 fs & 580 W pulses into a 6 m fiber. Output: 318 W in compressed 10 fs pulses, reprinted/ adapted from [2].